"Expanding Jesus to Y'Shua,"

By Eben

They say that Jesus was a Jew,

And not Gentile like me and you.

His accent wouldn’t be Hoosier,*

But Galilean with a slur.

He may have burped—though none have said;

but country folk are not well bred.


His hands were rough,

and worker’s grime stayed on—-he thought no crime.

He wasn’t known for genteel looks,

The kind you see in all the books.

When wind blew hard on his face,

every hair he had left its place!

Yet he was neat—-his grave clothes say--

that folded headcloth on Easter Day!


What mattered most—-he gave it care-—

What mattered least?--he showed same care.

Try the Ocean on for size.

It’s wild and throws its sand in eyes.

Majestic too-—the sweep of waves—

Its changing mood destroys or saves.


Sail it now, but it can drown

And smash your castle right to the ground.

Jesus loves the little child,

His mood can be so gentle, mild.

But he who made the Ocean blue

Can turn and rage, like billows do.


You just can’t put Him in a box—-

Or stroke Him like you treat pet rocks.

Yes, Jesus is God and also Jew—-

Climb that Rock to get the view!

*"Hossier"--a midwestern rural Indiana dialect. Galileans, and Y'shua grew up in Galilee, was known for its countrified, slurring dialect and looked down upon by the more urban, sophisticated Jews of Judaea.

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